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Immigration Exams services offered in Sacramento, CA

The team of practitioners at Apollo Physicians is proud to offer immigration exams to residents of Greater Sacramento, California. Many people who visit the practice for this required exam are so pleased with their experience that they choose to make Apollo Physicians their primary care provider. Book a visit today online or by phone to get started.

Immigration Exams Q&A

What is the purpose of immigration exams?

Immigration exams are designed to ensure that people moving through the legal immigration process meet the health standards set forth by the US government. These exams are an essential part of protecting public health.

While this part of the immigration process is often stressful, there’s no need to lose sleep over your immigration exam. These visits are fairly straightforward and include a basic review of your health and immunization record.

It’s essential to select physicians who are approved to provide immigration exams, so be sure to check that your provider meets this requirement. All of the practitioners at Apollo Physicians are approved as civil surgeons who can perform immigration exams.

What should I expect during my immigration exam?

Many aspects of an immigration exam are similar to a routine physical. Expect a discussion of your personal and family health history and any health conditions you’re currently being treated for.

Be prepared to share your immunization record: Specific vaccines are required to protect the US population from infectious diseases that have long been eradicated here. You should also bring a list of medications you’re taking.

Some areas the immigration exam focuses on include:

  • Chest X-ray
  • Bloodwork
  • Vision and hearing
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • External genitalia
  • Skin
  • Lymph nodes

Your practitioner will also briefly assess your mental status to check your mood, intelligence, behavior, and ability to comprehend basic information. Again, these assessments are basic and nothing to worry about.

What happens if I “fail” my immigration exam?

If your practitioner finds areas of concern during your immigration exam, you’ll need to take additional steps before moving forward in the immigration process. Most issues that prevent people from passing their immigration exams can be quickly addressed.

For example, if you have gaps in your immunization record, your practitioner can administer the required vaccines. If you have a form of infectious disease, you’ll need to successfully complete treatment before moving forward.

Your practitioner is happy to discuss any issues during your exam and explain available treatments during your visit. If you need to schedule an immigration exam, call today to set up your appointment or book online in just a few minutes.

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